House Producer Bad Wolf Has Taken us to the Nu-Disco with his Latest Mix, ‘Curfew at the Disco’


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Bad Wolf’s latest single, ‘Curfew at the Disco’, is a euphoric imagining of the hedonism and unity that happened away from public dancefloors during the pandemic.

With more intimacy than your average house mix, Curfew at the Disco will allow you to explore those smoking-on-the balcony and by-the-kitchen-sink house party moments. The mix carries an urban air of resilient rebellion while paying ode to music fans who made sure that the world didn’t fall into isolated silence during lockdown.

With a tempo that leaves plenty of room for polyphonic melodic grooves, the tropic feat of Nu Disco is the perfect anthem to welcome in summer 2021. The independent producer takes influence from early-house icons such as Frankie Knuckles and masters of funk such as Nile Rogers. There’s also a nuanced infusion of 80’s Japanese City pop and indie dance to add to the eclecticism.

Fans of Cosmonaut Grechko, Dan Mason and ConsciousThoughts will definitely want to pay attention.

Bad Wolf said:

“My tracks are mainly descriptions of the modern urban environment. This track, in particular, is an imagined soundtrack to the secret parties that happened during the pandemic.”

Amelia Vandergast at A&R Factory said:

“Curfew at the Disco is an entrancing feat of electro-funk that carries a complex range of emotion and almost leaves the trail of headlights in your eyes through the metropolitan vibes.”


Bad Wolf is a Manila, Philippines-based artist and producer. Before making his debut with his single, ‘If I Can Make You Dance’ in January 2021, he attended the University of the Philippines College of Music, was a member of the experimental garage band, The Bottles, a software engineer, photojournalist and tech exec.

He revived his love for music in 2018 with the acquisition of a cheap MIDI controller; by the time lockdown hit in 2020, he was primed to make his debut.

Before the release of Curfew at the Disco, he was scouted by MojoHeadz Records; he plans to drop at least ten new singles this year and make plenty of waves in the process with his ability to bring an amplified level of funk and groove to DAW-based electronica.

Source A&R Factory

May 14, 2021 6:24am ET by A&R Factory  

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