Yarsha captures the culture of Netflix and dissociation in his alt-electro-pop protest, Run Coward


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Following his debut solo single, Do you wanna dance, the Zurich alt-electro artist, Yarsha, exposed the endemic of dissociative hypocrisy and brought vocal warmth to coldwave in his sophomore single, Run Coward.

As the bombs drop, we light up at the prospect of new titles on Netflix, and Yarsha refused to be cowed into silence about it in Run Coward, which was written in 2015, while the rest of us were oblivious to our privilege.

The fizzy full-bodied analog synths run expressively raw to give reminiscences to Nitzer Ebb, Front 242 and Depeche Mode, and create an electrifying tapestry for the inventively-tuned vocals to stitch into.

Yarsha said:

“I wrote this song in 2015, mentioning the war in Ukraine when almost nobody knew it was happening. Nobody knows that the Dalai Lama's son was kidnapped by the Chinese government. Despite the extensive coverage.. Assange exposed the reality and cruelty of facts, and the US is treating him exactly like Putin treats his enemies.

“I'm not finger-pointing them; I'm finger-pointing me. I’m the coward. When I see and know all this, what do I do? Nothing. I'm watching Netflix, playing music, and having fun. It's a struggle to live in such a world: can we do anything to stop this? Or is it better to just run from it and enjoy the good time that pure luck gave us?”

Amelia Vandergast, Executive Editor at A&R Factory said:

“While the haunted synths and nasty electro-industrial discord set the caustic tone to reflect the insidiousness of the rife injustice on our planet that is more akin to the Christian depiction of hell, the cuttingly contemporary lyrics extend the gift of playful antagonism.

“We all need more affirmations that the world is messed up beyond rhyme or reason. Especially when they are as infectiously upbeat as Run Coward.”


Yarsha studied piano in a conservatory in Milan for three years before moving away to learn other instruments with private teachers, until landing on the voice and pure sound synthesis.

Soon after, he started a Coldplay tribute band, Stuck in Reverse, for a couple of years in Italy. This band transformed into The Dowsers to promote their original music, believing so much in the project, he moved to London to sell it, leaving his family, work and girlfriend behind. After a year, he returned to Italy to win some emerging awards after playing in small venues across London. After finishing his engineering studies, he moved to Switzerland and took a two-year hiatus, eventually returning to music with a new-found motivation; to create based on what he sees in the world.

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July 8, 2022 5:23am ET by A&R Factory  


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