Ella Rossi negated adorated anxiety in her ethereal indie soul pop sophomore single, Linen


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In the run-up to the launch of her debut EP, Ella Rossi orchestrated her sophomore indie soul-pop single, Linen, around the constructs of the familiar bedfellows, desire and uncertainty.

The LA-born, Montreal-residing singer-songwriter’s vocal harmonies amplify the dreamily ethereal synthetics of the instrumentals, which use rich staccato chords to mimic an uneasy heartbeat as the vocal lines swathe the single with a caressive sense of vulnerable soul.

Spilling resonance for her audience who know just how it feels to be caught in the crossfires of affection and anxiety, Linen is set to be the pre-emptive heartbreak hit of the summer.
Linen, co-written with Rossi’s producer, Gamal, is released today on June 16th.

Ella Rossi said:

“Linen is about a passionate but complicated relationship and being unable to resist the attraction, despite the potential consequences. The lyric, "wrapped in this linen", represents a sense of comfort and intimacy while alluding to a feeling of entrapment in a dynamic where there is no longer a clear view of how the other person feels.”

Amelia Vandergast, the Executive Editor at A&R Factory said:

“With a vocal range so luxe and rich it would make Elon Musk feel inferior, Ella Rossi is a diamond in the rough; it is only a matter of time before major record labels want to mine her. Her capacity to captivate with her honeyed harmonies and so-radiant-they-glow soundscapes is second to none. Rossi is the ultimate proof that if you stay in your own creative lane, there will be no one out of your expressive league.”



I have been singing jazz, on stage and off stage from the age of nine. My career kickstarted when I featured on the Italian children’s music show, Zecchino D’Oro, which was produced by RAI International. My song, Regalerò Un Sogno, won several awards and became one of the number-one hits for children that year throughout Italy.

Fast forwarding, my current producer, Gamal, discovered me via my cover of Off the Table by Ariana Grande. We worked together for eight months on Zoom before we finally met up and started to collaborate. Now, we have almost three projects worth of original music together, which we will be releasing through the rest of the year.

My main goal as an artist is to dissect specific moments in time and translate them into melodies and lyrics which resonate with listeners who can relate to distinct but universally shared experiences.

My music is also an outlet, which allows me to escape my own reality and communicate my feelings that I would be otherwise unable to convey. It is a form of therapy to let go of all those past experiences; once I allow listeners to enter the world of my music, they are no longer just mine.

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June 16, 2023 10:00am ET by A&R Factory  

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