Rebecka Molander presents: Through the Rain

Rebecka Molander announce a brand new release titled “Through the Rain”.” This soothing studio work - which is a special director’s cut for the international audience


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Rebecka Molander presents: Through the Rain.

Rebecka Molander has announced a brand new release titled “Through the Rain”.” This soothing studio work - which is a special director’s cut for the international audience - offers a very organic sound inspired by easy-listening jazz and folk music. The title track itself is a shining example of what to expect from the EP. The instruments are very understated, combining Molanders’ cool minimalistic piano style with deep, round bass tones and some sparse percussion instruments driving the flow of the mix. Rebecka’s vocals are brightly emotional and deeply far-reaching, showcasing her versatility as a singer. There are so many awesome highlights on this release, but “Get Gone,” the second track, is one of the most recognizable songs on this EP. The arrangement tips the hat to Pop, Funk, Fusion, and other styles, going for a calming yet sparkly sound. The song “Timeless Love” is another high point worth mentioning. The piano chords interact with the vocals beautifully, paving the way to a soft jazz ballad with a very hypnotic feel.

This release is highly recommended to fans of music that’s incredibly smooth and dynamic but also catchy and energetic, like SADE or Norah Jones.



Swedish singer and musician Rebecka Molander has touched audiences for a decade with her unique voice, her self-perceived lyrics and her cool jazz-inspired singer-songwriter sound.
Her messages in the lyrics about alienation, vulnerability and being true to herself manage to reach the listener right in the heart, in a low-key poetic way and to the accompaniment of the music's calm soulful beat.

Self-taught on piano and after opening gigs to famous artists such as Lill-Babs and Jan Lundgren, Rebecka gave out her first concert of her own in her own name. With the full-length debut album "Through The Rain" - for the swedish audience - new paths opened in 2015, and a scandinavian record tour in 2016, with a nice reception at, among others, MOJO in Copenhagen. Since then, Molander has been a prolific freelance musician, and as a keyboardist in Edsvurna.. Now she's up to date with the swedish EP "Leaving the light on" which is recorded completely live and with a real vintage Rhodes in the studio to create a crappier and bluesier soundscape than previous records.

Rebecka collaborates with top-class musicians at concerts and recordings.
Anders Lorentzi,Andreas Baw,Zoltán Csörsz,David Andersson,Maciej Szymczyński and others.

March 10, 2023 2:41am ET by Yellow Rhinestone Records  

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