Hip-Hop Artist D.White Shares New Single “Feeling Super”


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Writer and hip-hop recording artist D.White from Columbus, Ohio, has unveiled his latest single, "Feeling Super". This captivating track serves as an expression of personal triumph and resilience, showcasing D.White's unique style and powerful storytelling ability.

D.White's journey as an artist has been shaped by his experiences, including two challenging episodes of homelessness. These hardships became a catalyst for his creative pursuits, as he found solace in the realm of music and poetry. His debut poetry book, I Made A Place For You, stands as a testament to heal a fractured identity.

"Feeling Super" delivers an upbeat and confident vibe, perfect for car rides, workouts or solo jam sessions. The infectious chorus and bouncy bass create an irresistible blend that makes the song deserving of a spot on everyone's playlist. Complementing the single's auditory allure is an equally impressive music video filmed in the heart of Columbus' vibrant mural scene.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind "Feeling Super", D.White shares, “I wrote this song two days after my grandma went into hospice care, and I wasn’t ‘feeling super’ at all at the time. It was an affirmation to myself that I’d overcome the grief of losing my favourite person in the world. In my darkest times, I said it until I believed it."

D.White's impressive lyrical ability combined with his distinctive musical style, has garnered him a growing fanbase. With "Feeling Super", he further solidifies his position as an artist who fearlessly tackles life's challenges and transforms them into captivating art. “Feeling Super” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

July 18, 2023 1:50pm ET by Best New Music  

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