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In an exhilarating collision of talent, rapper DiLLY and DJ/Producer Monk converge once again to unleash the sonic force that is Black Fuchsia. Following the debut track "fauna" and the brilliant EP Cotton in 2021, the dynamic duo from Knoxville, Tennessee, are back and ready to captivate the world with their new EP, Continue.

Black Fuchsia's musical tapestry weaves a delicate yet powerful balance between the soft and hard edges of hip-hop, presenting a compelling exploration of rap's diverse dimensions. Their sound, a fusion of dynamic flows, thought-provoking lyrics and confident deliveries, allows them to stand out in the crowd. The duo sidestep conventional beats, opting instead for a harmonious blend of deep-hitting drums and creative melodies that seamlessly meld into each other, crafting mixes that are both distinctive and meticulously polished.

Rooted in the unmistakable influence of New York, Black Fuchsia pay homage to iconic pioneers such as Cannibal Ox, Wu-Tang and The Alchemist. This infusion of heavy New York vibes stands as a testament to the duo's dedication to honouring the genre's rich roots.

The new EP, Continue, is a testament to Black Fuchsia's commitment to the authentic fusion of traditional hip-hop elements with a contemporary twist. More than just music, their narrative is a reflective journey through street culture, innovation and the pulsating evolution of a dynamic genre. Continue includes the previously released single "Stay" and will resonate with fans of 38 Spesh, The God Fahim, Bruiser Wolf, The Alchemist and Fat Ray.

Speaking about the new EP, Black Fuchsia say, "While we never approached the project with any attempt to make something cohesive as a whole, the similarities between what were essentially all singles began to become increasingly more intentional. Continue highlights our comfort as a team, the inertia possible when we fully flesh out music together much like the acts we mirror. There's a certain texture that's vintage to rap, and when you hear it, we want you to think of us - really, just trying to lead the race."

Continue is available to buy/stream now on all platforms. For a deeper dive into Black Fuchsia's sonic universe, the project’s deluxe edition with the bonus track "Equatics" can be found exclusively on Bandcamp.

December 15, 2023 11:20am ET by Best New Music  

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