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June 14, 2022 – Independent composer, producer and singer Blue Kid On The Rock (Pierpaolo Abbatiello) has released his much anticipated debut EP “42”.

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“With my first 5-track EP, I strived to expand my electronica horizon by throwing bolder vocal layering, house and future-bass synths, syncopated rhythms, and orchestra bites into the mix,” says Blue Kid On The Rock, an Italian national who is now based out of London.

The opening track "Telemachus", previously released as a single and well received on Spotify, is a lush and captivating downtempo piece with a soft synthwave undercurrent. The tune blooms like a flower - from mellow eeriness and melancholy to the enlightening hopefulness of reconnecting with lost loved ones on new yet more profound levels.

“Everything is perfect...the music, the sounds so well intertwined, the ethereal and enveloping atmosphere, the richness of the vocals, the makes you close your eyes, travel to another dimension where everything is a beautiful dream, and just feel." - Alexa MCR, Absolute Beginners 1984

The catchy "May Day" sits across indie and EDM, with strong rhythmic influences from indie electronic producers like CRi, whereas the eponymous "42" finds its sources of inspiration from more organic electronic and dance rock, heavily influenced by artists such as The Acid, Turtle, Beacon and Mt. Wolf.

"It seems like we might have spent a little too long staring at the stars last night for there is a wandering mind here who dreams of life beyond the round globe we call home. Imagination is firing though as evidenced by the non-linear path that 42 takes and though it could be seen as zany by some there is also an excitement when the track hits a patch of fluidity. You know taking in a tune by this act might take all our powers of concentration but I heard something alright, a furtive ever foraging act with the grand prize on his mind." - Kevin Hugger, MP3Hugger

Despite the introspective undertones, encompassing loss, breakups, and the artist's transition to a more mature era of his life - he turned 42 this year - the EP remains surprisingly energetic, with bursts of danceability, particularly prominent in the redux version of "Babylon”.

As for the closing track, "Neverland", it is a bittersweet and intimate homage to the inner child often wreaking havoc in our lives, with a swell of strings at the end bringing our memory back to Muccino's "The Last Kiss".

Pierpaolo explains that “Blue Kid On The Rock intentionally remains a studio-only project for now, as this is my preferred dimension as a producer, but I am open to the idea of taking my music to some intimate left-field venues one day”.

The full track listing for Blue Kid On The Rocks’s 42 is:

  1. Telemachus
  2. May Day
  3. 42
  4. Babylon - Redux
  5. Neverland


Blue Kid On The Rock is Pierpaolo Abbatiello, an Italian music producer formed at Fonderie Sonore's Academy in Rome and now based in London, after many years spent across Ireland and the US. His aesthetic vision is to balance old and new, analog and digital, reinterpreting his 80’s DNA within a contemporary key. The result is a widescreen genre-bending electronica with synthwave and pop sensibilities, often coloured with hazy washed-out choral layering and baritone vocals reminiscent of Matt Berninger.

June 13, 2022 8:00pm ET by Blue Kid On The Rock  

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