Logic Releases New Song And Unprecedented Video For ‘44ever’



22 April 2024 – Grammy-nominated rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer Logic has released his new song and video for ‘44ever’ through BMG. The release follows the news of Logic’s long-awaited ninth studio album set to be titled Ultra 85, which follows the release of the rapper’s 2023 album College Park.

In a first of its kind collaboration, Logic has partnered with LabX – a program of the National Academy of Sciences, launching LabX’s new initiative called LabX Out Loud.

LabX Out Loud is an initiative that collaborates with popular musical artists to inspire new connections between their audiences and science and scientists.

Shot on the spaceship set of the Aquarius III – the same set where the trailer for the incredible true story was shot back in 2016 – the ‘44ever’ music video, directed by JT Clemente and Henry Smisek, highlights two scientists as crew members of the Aquarius III. Dr. Moogega Cooper is a Planetary Protection Engineer and Dr. Anjali Tripathi is an astrophysicist and exoplanet explorer – both of whom have contributed to NASA's Mars rover missions.

Said Logic, “This is my favorite music video I’ve ever shot. I got to bring in my 15 biggest fans to a location that is so important to all of us.”

Dr. Tripathi said, “Logic has a great record of elevating issues in his music and videos. I was impressed and appreciative of his enthusiasm for science, and I would love for that enthusiasm and the accessibility of science to be conveyed broadly. I'm hoping our appearance with Logic will make a bigger impact that can be integrated into a larger conversation and reaches a much larger – often overlooked and underserved – audience.”

Dr. Cooper said, "I hope the audience gets excited about spacecraft and the engineering behind it. I'm most excited that this music is evergreen and thus the lessons can continue to inspire other people over time."

Earlier this year, Logic released the single ‘Fear’ for which the rapper enlisted longtime friend and collaborator Andy Hines to direct the official music video.

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