Mass Mercury's new song 'Out of the Storm' is a power anthem for all of us and a tribute to Darude

After chart hitting Latin pop song, 'Work Me Right', this American-Finnish Father-Son duo releases new official remix every week during summer


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Mass Mercury's new official remix 'Out of the Storm' is a power anthem for all, and a tribute to Darude

Following the chart hitting Latin pop song, 'Work Me Right', the American-Finnish father-son producer duo is serving us an official remix of their song every week for the next six weeks.

Hot and sensual Latin pop song, 'Work Me Right' has hit the Latin charts in the US and in Europe. The song is currently No. 7. on the Digital DJ Pool Latin and Spanish Chart. Digital DJ Pool reaches over 10 000 DJs and over 2000 Radio stations in over 150 countries around the world. 'Work Me Right' also entered the famous Latinos Unidos Top50 Urban Charts last week at No. 42. In Finland, the song reached No. 25. on iTunes Top50 and No. 1. on Reggaeton genre.

The new remix is a tribute to Darude and Trance music

Mass Mercury will release a new official remix of the song every week until all eight, official remixes are out. The first remix, a Country-pop version of the song, was released May 29. followed by a remix full of 1970s disco vibe. The next one, released June 12 is a tribute to trance music, and a tribute to a Finnish DJ/producer, Darude, and Darude producer JS16, both long-time collaboration partners of Mass Mercury's Chris Sanders and remix producer Marc K.

"Whereas 'Work Me Right' is a summer anthem for all lovers of Latin pop music, 'Out of the Storm' remix is a power anthem for all of us getting out of the storm we have all been in for the past months", Chris Sanders of Mass Mercury says.

Listen and watch a teaser for 'Out of the Storm' remix here:

Watch the official music video for 'Work Me Right' here:


Mass Mercury is an American-Finnish Father-Son producer duo, originally from Chicago, now based in Finland. Their first single release, 'Southern Shores' was released in 2019 via Lasso Entertainment / Sony Music Finland. 'Work Me Right' released May 15 went straight to Latin Charts in the USA and in Europe. The song is playing on the radio in over 30 countries from Aruba to Brazil, and from Australia to The United States.

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