Millennial married couple combine their college experiences into an excellent source of information


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Millennial married couple combine their college experiences into an excellent source of information for *students by teaching them to capitalize on their degree.

Don't Waste Your College Tuition was written to encourage students to do the same by building on one simple belief: College is a great investment, but graduation shouldn't be the only return. More than a degree factory, this book argues that college is an intellectual hub literally overflowing with resources to help develop students' potential, but there is one catch.
It is up to the student to take advantage of the opportunities.

Through practical yet purpose-driven questions, Don't Waste Your College Tuition empowers students to thrive both in and out of the classroom. Building strong professional relationships, cultivating a brand, and finding ways to optimize internships and fellowships are just a few of the topics covered in this book. Chapters divided for each year (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior) makes reading easy and cumulative.


About the Authors - Jerome and Leah Harper

Leah Harper graduated from Hampton University in 2013 with her bachelor's degree in English, Georgetown University in 2015 with her master's degree in English, and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. While at Hampton University, Leah was the recipient of the President's Award, the English departmental award, and several fellowships. Leah uses her experiences in higher education to mentor others about what to expect once they enter into college and beyond.

Jerome Harper graduated from Montgomery College with an associate of arts degree in Business Management in 2010. He went on to Morgan State University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Finance in 2013. While at Morgan State Jerome underwent two heart surgeries that would change the course of his life but not stop his purpose. Jerome is currently a corporate accountant for one of the largest real estate firms in Philadelphia. He uses his transition from community college to a four-year university to share the practical and possible opportunities that college can offer, and his experience in real estate accounting to mentor others.

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