Classical baritone singer-songwriter Chase Emery Davis creates a contemporary British sound

In his rich, melodic voice, Chase Emery Davis sings about the hopes, dreams, and difficulties of young love in his 1st four song EP Waiting for Her.

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Little Locked Up expresses the heartfelt confusion of romance. "All that I know is that no one's to blame for. Keeping me caged you've locked me away. Playing this game is always the same and no one's to blame".

FreshontheNet summed up You Don’t Need to Cry Anymore with... "it’s no wonder that his music is bursting with optimism and energy despite the haunting melodic invention of You Don’t Need to Cry Anymore. It really is a wonderful track that pulls you in and wraps itself around like you a hug from a long-missed friend?"

In the next song Knocking at Your Door Chase questions what stops us from trusting our hearts. "Freedom’s a knock away so get up and walk to that door. Don’t you want to be free” 

Hold On is written in waltz time and has the feel of a Parisian dance Guinguette, which is not surprising considering Chase was raised in Paris and considers it home. Composed originally for solo piano and his semi-operatic voice, the new version starts with piano and moves into an upbeat contemporary British sound, produced by James Brown at JBJ studios.

The album cover was designed by Chase and shows him leaning against a wall.

Notes to Editors
About Chase Emery Davis
New York born, Paris raised, British classical baritone / rock crossover singer-songwriter has a soulful, haunting, yet powerful voice spanning 3 1/2 octaves. Chase blends indie rock, soul & folk genres in lush, emotive songs about love, hope, and dreams.

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February 20, 2017 10:00am ET by Chase Emery Davis  

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