Blue Capricorn Releases New Single 'WILL YOU AFFECT ME?'


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Rodrigo Caraballo-Marin is a Latinx musician from Dallas who goes by the stage name Blue Capricorn. He is a unique musician who works hard to combine several musical genres with his original sounds. The vocalist and multi-instrumentalist makes a comeback with his brand-new song, "WILL YOU AFFECT ME?"

‘WILL YOU AFFECT ME?’ was written in November 2022, at the halfway point through his brand-new EP, ¡AYÚDAME!. It’s a stand out track on the project for Blue Capricorn as he was in a very isolated time during this recording. He lived alone in an apartment far away from anyone he held dear to his heart. He was inspired by the sense of loneliness, but also by how madly in love he was.

Blue Capricorn was extremely vulnerable when creating this song. He thought the way to have it stand out was to make it complex by creating an ethereal atmosphere. Although he believed that ballads were the perfect way to close a project, this tune just happened to work.

He had his friend Skyler help with some guitar work which challenged them both to lay down the foundation of the track. Having a producer like Michael helped bring ‘WILL YOU AFFECT ME?’ to life. After it was ‘finished’ the first time, Blue Capricorn sat on it for about eight months. After this time, he revisited it and decided it was not going to be the final mix because it didn’t resonate with him the way he intended it to. After several revisions, it's closer to the sound I'd like for Blue Capricorn to explore more.

Blue Capricorn comments on the track:

“'WILL YOU AFFECT ME?' is about letting myself be worthy of love. I had truly never been as vulnerable as I was when I recorded the track. I was in a deep state of isolation, but also love. I really dug deep into my thoughts and I didn't know I felt so strongly about where my heart had been lately. It was in a place it’s never truly experienced that was rooted in pure love. It's my realization that love can present itself in so many ways, and to be accepting of it once you let it be a part of your life with pure intentions.”

Blue Capricorn is still making his mark as an emerging star in the music business. He is renowned for his high-quality productions, his expanding creative abilities, and his overall passion for music which all contribute to his songs.


Blue Capricorn is known for its eerie soundscapes and ambient moodiness in its songs. 'It's Cold, Yet Warm,' his debut EP was released in 2020 at the height of the global pandemic of COVID-19, and four stand-alone songs were released the following year in 2021. His second EP, "¡AYÚDAME!." will be released on September 8th, 2023, and has a more layered sound inspired by love and loneliness. It will be preceded by the tracks "CULEBRA," "PALO SANTO," and "THE STARS WILL ALIGN." He collaborated with Michael Briggs and aimed to record a sound that didn't divide up his sound. In his second EP, Blue Capricorn is at his most broad and subtle. He draws inspiration from boleros, jazz, experimental, and dream pop. Rodrigo referenced Nicolas Jaar, James Blake, Portishead, Nick Hakim, Billie Holiday, Frank Ocean, and Willie Colón as his biggest influences.

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