The Maverick Band Releases New Singles ‘Christmas Is Coming’ and ‘A Lonely Homeless Christmas’


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Supporting HRH Prince William’s ambition to end homelessness with the release of two special Christmas songs ‘Christmas Is Coming’ and ‘A Lonely Homeless Christmas’ - with profits going to homeless charities.

HRH The Prince of Wales recently launched his campaign to end homelessness in the UK.

Recent research has identified that at least 271,000 people are recorded as homeless in England alone, including 123,000 children.

John Cristal, The Maverick Band’s singer-songwriter says, “I originally wrote a cheerful, very family orientated Christmas song called “Christmas is Coming”. The song is about all the things families typically do in the run up to Christmas.

However, having written that song and subsequently reading about the homelessness campaign that HRH Prince William has recently initiated, The Maverick Band felt very strongly that there should be a song to support such a worthy project, especially when you read the shocking statistics.

John Cristal did a lot of research in order to appreciate the different aspects of homelessness – that was a real an eye opener and quite upsetting. The song is titled ‘A Lonely Homeless Christmas’. He is very optimistic once people have heard it, they will feel motivated to donate to the various homeless charities, who do such great work. All the profit from the song will go to a number of large and small charities.

The Maverick Band decided to launch both Christmas songs simultaneously as a ‘’Double A-side’ to help reinforce the extreme polarised positions between a very happy, cheerful household and a very lonely, homeless person, at Christmas. They hope radio stations will lend their support to this initiative and play the ‘Christmas is Coming’ first followed immediately by the ‘A Lonely Homeless Christmas’ to maximise the effect and emotional impact.

The Maverick Band comment on the releases: “These are two diametrically opposed songs; Christmas is coming is all about the typical things a family do during December in the lead up to Christmas, while A lonely homeless Christmas is about those less fortunate than ourselves who are living on the street starving, when everyone else are having a great time and over indulging! You couldn't get a more polarised situation if you tried.”


About The Band

The Maveric Band is ‘virtual reality’ band, launched in June 2023. Singer-songwriter John Cristal is the founder. He invites wonderfully talented guest musicians and singers to help him create and produce the songs he has written. Some of the guest musicians include Paul Viseey, Luiz Morais, Ines Lobet, and Graham Noon, who not only plays keyboards but he is also a fantastic producer and sound engineer. Maverick’s music is probably best described as ‘easy listening’ pop but perhaps with a little hint of folk music and occasionally some Latino mixed in.

About John Cristal

John started learning the guitar in January 2023. Only eight weeks into learning guitar he decided to write and compose his first song. He was told not to bother writing songs as it was too early and should just focus on practicing and learning the guitar. Well, being the maverick that he is, he decided to ignore that advice and so far has written 13 songs. And now you know why the band's called The Maverick Band too. “I guess I’ve always been a bit of a rule breaker, even when I was at school. I hate being told what to do or being told it can’t be done. That just fires me up to prove them wrong! I hope at least one or two of the songs become big hits. I’d love to see the faces of all the doubters.” Many of the songs that John has written are based on real life observations and his own real experiences; John’s songs are often mini stories, taking the listener on a journey.

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