Jersey Calling Releases New Album 'Parasocial Security'


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Punk-rock group Jersey Calling, which was founded in 2002 by Randy, Josh, and Sean, put out two albums before calling it quits in 2005. They got back together in 2020 during the pandemic, with Victoria on vocals and a new drummer. They released their third album ‘Punk Rock Retirement’ (2020) and re-released their first two albums as a double album called ‘Daddy Re-Issues’ (2021) on all streaming services. ‘Parasocial Security’, their fourth album, marks their comeback.

To date, ‘Parasocial Security’ is their most ambitious record. They examine issues of loss and loneliness while also finding comfort in the close bonds they have with one another, their friends, and their family.

All the classic punk elements are present in this ten-track album, which features a vocalist whose voice is reminiscent of the punk icons of the ‘90s, as well as power chords and catchy riffs supported by a driving bass and drumbeat.

‘Gods & Cowboys’ is about colonization - of land, of mind, and of spirit - how their history affects how they live today.

‘Content’ is about being an artist in the age of social media.

‘The Things Life Leaves Behind’ is about the loss of a loved one, and reflecting about their own mortality as they grieve.

‘Twisted Paradigm’ is about toxic relationships and knowing when and how to set boundaries.

‘Backseat Driver’ is about feeling a lack of control over one's own life, and claiming autonomy over their decisions.

‘Mid-life Crisis’ is about aging as a musician, and how that affects their mindset and songwriting.

‘Self-Will Run Riot’ is about struggling to survive under late-stage capitalism.

‘Heartstrings’ is about finding love in the face of personal struggles and global disharmony.

‘Queen of the Unclean’ is about having agency in choosing one's identity.

‘Hasta Luego’ is about casting off the shackles of authoritarianism and fighting against the systems of control that hold them back from their full potential.

On the album, Jersey Calling comments, “Our most ambitious album to date, ‘Parasocial Security’, explores themes of isolation and loss, while simultaneously finding solace in the personal relationships we've found in each other and our friends and family.”

December 18, 2023 10:46am ET by Let's Go Music News  

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