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Australian artist X Revolution releases his brand-new single ‘SLF WRTH’. His trademark lyricism, talent, smooth voice, and hip-hop origins are all combined in this song. His creative style combines the raw energy of rap and hip-hop.

X Revolution was founded to bring light to the realities of our society. More than just a musical endeavour, it is a call to action, urging listeners to face reality head-on and effect change via the medium of sound. He pushes the envelope and creates a distinct atmosphere inspired by the emotional resonance and intricate structure of music.

With this enthralling single, X Revolution establishes himself as a new artist with ground-breaking potential. His ability to compose music demonstrates how his work not only has resonance but also has an impact. ‘SLF WRTH’ delves deeper, showcasing his development and skill.

Distinguishing between rap and hip-hop, X Revolution's skill is evident in ‘SLF WRTH’, a reflective song that combines intense beats with poignant lyrics.

‘SLF WRTH’ sees X Revolution craft for the open-minded listener who yearns for something beyond the mainstream. The track emerges from samples of a few old records and structures them as a verse and chorus setup. After setting the foundational structure of the song, X Revolution sent it off to Melia Lisa, who is the main artist on the track.

On the track, X Revolution questions, "Conquering one's past and moving on, not letting whatever hit you in the past, drag you down no more.”

Establishing an ethical, truth-based, and accountable society is the aim of X Revolution. His intention is not just to amuse us, but also to inform and encourage our audience to engage in more significant connections with the outside world. His aim is very clear: he wants to use music as a weapon for change, challenging listeners to face the realities of our daily lives and take deliberate action. The X Revolution is a collective movement, not an individual one. Prioritising the movement’s culture over individual recognition is part of his attempt to create an atmosphere in which all members may contribute, grow, and learn.

April 24, 2024 7:14pm ET by Let's Go Music News  

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