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“Savage Times” is a full on anthemic dance pop fest for the disenchanted and downtrodden, with its funky orchestral disco house music and the powerful 80’s soul edged voice of MARQelectronica .

“The album is my reaction to the trauma of losing my father, my crippling self esteem issues and the state of the UK and politics. I wanted to create something funky and dancey that reminded me of good times even though the topics were often quite dark - I like the dichotomy. The music reminds me of The Freemasons and Hed Kandi and is mixed with electro and deep house influences to create a full on dance pop vibe.”

“Vocally I’ve felt more free with this album and I’ve enjoyed making and performing each track so much. I am so proud of the work me and Harbourmaster put into this album and some of the tracks that didn’t make it too but that I have lined up for future projects,. I feel it’s a cohesive sound and a damn good dance music album. Taking on board all I have learned from my band mates in” Sapien Trace” and “The Last of the Fallen Angels to the amazing producers including Simon Ellis and other artists I’ve had the immense pleasure to work with and it’s a big thank you to my long suffering but 100% supportive partner .

About each track

"Next To Nothing" is a funky orchestral, electro tracks that exemplifies the pop dance credentials of "Savage Times". Laced with funky synth bass and disco strings over a dance beat it's subject matter is the cost of living crisis, quite serious stuff but, for me, it’s impossible to sit still when you hear it and grows on you with each listen. On a personal level it is one of my favourites as it is also about my own personal struggles financially and the worries so many of us face right now.

“Fire at will” is synth and samples driven track about how some of the media have a part to play in the propaganda machine and the division of the people . Gosh I sound like some revolutionary but I am really all about considering others and looking beyond one narrow view.

“Feeding the fire” is another funky dance number all about the way some people love to gossip.

“Just look around you” has sweeping strings and a funky bassline, it’s all about trying to find the good that might be around you even when times are tough. This relates to the loss of my amazing Dad and my mums deteriorating health, dealing with that working full time and dealing with the stresses of daily life. Sometimes its good to stop and see the good amongst all the horrible .

“You do what you want” starts with atmospheric piano stabs like something from a Linkin Park opening or uninvited by The Freemasons and is all about the way poverty and food banks and homelessness increase while our government sit back and let it happen and do nothing to help the people they are actually in power to serve. Another of my favourites I love the piano and strings on this , it appeals to the big bad drama queen in me.
Lifetime is a massive upbeat track loaded with synth and laden with dance beats it’s all about going for it and not letting self doubt stop you something I often have real trouble with but the track plays out like a conversation my partner has with me, building me up and being supportive so I start to believe in myself a bit more.

The way I feel has a great synth bass with a thumping dance beat and string pads, inspired by my constantly being busy , from my hectic day job to singing or recording working with other bands and projects and caring for my lovely mum three times a week. Sometimes you need a time out but don’t get the luxury, but still get judged, that’s what the songs about.

I’m waking up to you is a massive track , long intro with a thumping dance beat and strings lead you into an orchestral disco house extravaganza all about an old relationship I had a few years ago where I fell hard then one day saw them for what they were stopped making excuses for them and got out and never looked back, it was hard to do and I’ve a great deal of respect for any abuse victim that manages to escape. In some ways its my favourite song I have ever written its about finding your strength standing up and saying no.

I’m looking forward to performing the album and some of my other unreleased dance orientated tracks throughout the summer including some of the following gigs

NE Volume Bar 18 May
The Monk Guisborough 7 June
HMV Newcastle 2 July CD launch
Northumberland Pride to be announced
And there are 5 other gigs in the pipeline
Produced by Harbourmaster "Savage Times" will be streaming from 1 July 2022 and the CD will be available from 2 July in HMV Eldon Square in Newcastle.

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