Multi-talented singer-songwriter Ari Amun releases music video for "Human Nature" (feat. Madhi)


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Ari Amun's latest single, 'Human Nature', marks her much-anticipated third release following the carefree vibes of 'Attitude' during the summer months. With its confident thumping bass, sincere lyrics, and Ari's distinctive voice, 'Human Nature' is characterized as a funky anthem suitable for any season. To embody the track, Ari Amun just returned with a music video.

According to the singer, 'Human Nature' delves into the experience of seeing someone perceived as flawless without the distortion of rose-colored glasses. Drawing from personal experiences, she reflects on the tendency to idealize certain individuals and the subsequent realization of the dehumanizing impact of placing them on a pedestal. Additionally, the song explores the danger of becoming so engrossed in superficial aspects that we lose sight of the genuine beauty present in the world around us. Amun emphasizes the importance of reconnecting with our shared human nature and the interconnectedness we all share.

Collaborating with the rising producer and musician Madhi, 'Human Nature' is a product of their combined creative efforts. Madhi, known for his successful collaboration on 'Oasis' with SYNC.EXE, showcases his keyboard skills and a deep understanding of his unique production style in this soulful track. Amun was immediately inspired upon receiving the initial track, crafting the lyrics and melodic line in under 15 minutes.

In Amun's view, 'Human Nature' represents a departure from her previous artistic endeavors, signaling a different yet fitting artistic variation that aligns with her evolving musical journey.


Ari Amun is an American singer-songwriter based in both Atlanta, Georgia, and New York City, who prides herself in her original music and uplifting melodies. Amun’s soulful voice truly shines through as an upcoming vocalist for her generation and adds a differentiating tone to pop and R&B. Raised in Powder Springs, Georgia, Amun decided to branch out to bigger landscapes once she was accepted in NYU’s Contemporary Vocal program, solidifying her devotion to her craft as an aspiring artist. Amun’s first brushes with releasing music online beside Instagram covers, came from her first single in 2020, “Drowning”, which is a tell-all of Amun’s struggle with mental health as a teen in high school. “Drowning” perfectly captures Amun’s relationship between music and self-expression. Her second single “Attitude”, released amid the COVID-19 pandemic, parts ways with “Drowning” and shows Amun’s upbeat nature.

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