Australian Artist coolthekid Unveils New Project "COOLAID"

A Decade in the Making


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With an illustrious career in the music industry, Australia-based artist coolthekid is set to release his latest project, "COOLAID", a musical journey that has been over ten years in the making. This upcoming release showcases the evolution of coolthekid's sound, blending sweeping synths, electric guitar swells, and introspective lyrics that immerse listeners in a captivating narrative.

The heart of "COOLAID" lies in the inner conflicts of coolthekid's mind, grappling with the fear of irrelevancy and the weight of aging. These contrasting concepts serve as the driving force behind the artist's vision, resulting in a musical exploration that is both raw and authentic.

coolthekid's first single for 2024 offers a glimpse into the forthcoming six-track EP set to release later in the year. This marks a significant coming-of-age moment for "the kid" showcasing his artistic evolution and growth.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind "COOLAID", coolthekid shares, "The song came out of a time in my life where I'd been shelved by a label, feeling frustrated with the whole situation. Although the concept initially stemmed from that experience, the song now serves as a reminder and warning of how a relationship built on sacrificing your well-being for the approval of others can lead to disaster."

The title "COOLAID" itself carries intentional significance, referencing a moment in recent history where misguided "love" resulted in heartbreak. The lyrics, featuring the line "it's a good life in the city" delivered with a sarcastic tone, vents coolthekid's regret for compromising his well-being in both his music career and personal life – a sentiment many can relate to.

During the creation of "COOLAID", coolthekid drew inspiration from musical icons such as Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar, particularly the impactful sounds of the "Black Panther" album. Stay tuned for the release of coolthekid's single, followed by the highly anticipated "COOLAID" EP later in the year, marking a pivotal moment in the artist's career.

February 1, 2024 5:22pm ET by Decent Music PR Limited  

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