We Don't Ride Llamas Unleashes Emotion-Drenched Anthem "(2 INCH) GRAVE"


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Austin-based Afro Punk/Metal sensation, We Don't Ride Llamas, is set to captivate audiences with their latest release, "2 INCH GRAVE". Comprising Chase, Max, Blake, and Kit Mitchell, We Don't Ride Llamas is fueled by a passion for narrative-driven music. As self-proclaimed nerds, the band pays homage to legendary musicians who paved the way for their genre-bending approach, drawing inspiration from icons like Robert Johnson, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Death, and the pioneering Sister Rosetta Tharp.

While all these influences mold their sound with deep respect for the origins of Rock, Punk, and Metal, the band channels raw emotion and storytelling prowess with their own and unique signature sound.

On February 10 2021, Winter Storm Uri tore through the state of Texas, dumping several inches of snow, covering the streets in ice, and leaving thousands of denizens without power for days in below-freezing temperatures. Despite having been warned about the severity of the storm well ahead of time, owners of the privatized power grid decided that weather-proofing wasn’t in their best interest. 246 human deaths were recorded across 77 Texas counties, but the actual number is estimated to be closer to 900 due to the deaths of the houseless members of our community. This song was written to honor their memory and to protest against the greed that claimed their lives.

Reflecting on the genesis of "(2 INCH) GRAVE", the band shares, "This song is extremely close to our heart and is an accurate portrayal of how we all felt inside out during that storm. I didn't know if our family was going to make it out alive. We had never been that cold before, especially not without sufficient help. I'm grateful that our community was there for us. We hope this song reaches and consoles anyone who hears it. We hope anyone who went through what we did feels this song and knows they are not alone."

We Don't Ride Llamas invites listeners on a cathartic journey through "2 INCH GRAVE", creating a musical space where shared experiences and emotions converge. The band's commitment to authenticity and connection with their audience is evident in every note of this powerful new release.

March 15, 2024 11:17am ET by Decent Music PR Limited  

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