Detroit's Indie Pop Luminary Alex Winston Unveils Enchanting New Single "Special Feeling"


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Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Alex Winston is an indie pop singer-songwriter with an unmistakable voice. Her music pairs scrappy, upbeat sonics with the low-down of real-life experiences, infusing self-aware wit into some of her most painful moments.

With "Special Feeling", Alex Winston takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through the complexities of human emotion. Pairing enchanting guitar melodies with introspective lyricism, the single serves as a beautiful reflection on the dichotomy of craving recognition while grappling with the fear of vulnerability. It's a sentiment that resonates deeply with Winston and countless other artists navigating the tumultuous waters of creativity and self-expression.

Alex Winston's musical prowess is no stranger to acclaim, with her debut album, "King Con", receiving widespread recognition upon its release in 2012 under Island Records. Sharing stages with prominent artists such as Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Little Dragon, and Gotye solidified her status as a ones-to-watch in the indie music scene. Despite facing setbacks, including the shelving of her sophomore full-length album, her unwavering dedication to her music has remained steadfast.

Pre-pandemic, Alex Winston captivated audiences with a series of spellbinding singles, showcasing her versatility and staying power in an ever-evolving industry. Collaborating with longtime friend and MS MR member Max Hershenow for their side project, Post Precious, further demonstrated her ability to transcend genres and featured collaborations with artists like Charli XCX and Ryn Weaver.

"Special Feeling" is the third single off Winston's highly anticipated full-length album, slated for release in June 2024. Talking about the inspiration behind the track, she shares “‘Special Feeling’ is a song about wanting to be seen yet being terrified of it at the same time. A paradox that I think a lot of artists feel putting their work out into the world but also something we all feel to a certain extent”.

As anticipation mounts for her forthcoming album, "Special Feeling" leads the charge, and Alex Winston is ready to reclaim her rightful place in the spotlight and reaffirm her status as one of indie pop's most compelling voices.

April 26, 2024 1:16pm ET by Decent Music PR Limited  

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