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Back Home, with its emotional lyrics and plea for a kinder and more gentle world, was penned in response to the current global refugee crisis. Pete, President Street’s main man, wanted to depoliticise the crisis and bring humanity into the conversation. He wanted to remind everyone that these vulnerable people are trying to rediscover where exactly their home is, and we should all be helping them with this.

“The song was quite challenging”, Pete explains, “the subject matter is pretty heavy but at the same time I wanted to make the chorus feel ‘upbeat’ and optimistic as I wanted the song to be about people getting the chance to find their new home. I wanted to show some happiness in the depths of tragedy. The world is so politically divided and I’m just trying to paint a more human picture”.

The accompanying music video, directed by Peter Nathan (who also directed President Street’s previous music video featuring TV star Kate Jenkinson), is a real work of art. The video follows the main protagonist as she endeavours to find a new ‘home’ after having to leave her home country. The video’s cinematography is truly artful and the acting performances give the video a true sincerity.

The single and video have been released in partnership with London's leading refugee employment charity Breaking Barriers, to help shine some light on the amazing work that is being done to help refugee's in London. Head to to learn more about this amazing charity and all the life saving work that they do.

January 23, 2019 9:38am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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