Italian Enigma Giulia’s ‘Trippin’ Takes Off As The Singer Goes Stateside


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Singing star of space filled music video ‘Trippin’, Giulia goes Stateside as the song and visual takes off.

Taking to Instagram to share some snaps of life in New York, Giulia is gearing up for 2020 a year jam-packed with new music releases. Flying out for some important meetings, the alt-pop songstress new material is shaping up to be more successful than the year she has had throughout 2019.

Specifically ‘Trippin’ has witnessed Giulia switch up her soundscape and venture into territories she has not yet touched. The track is this melting pot of influences and genres that have been fused together perfectly and showcases a musical hybridity that is perhaps not surprising given her less than conventional childhood. Born in Rome she spent most of her early years touring around the world with her Father, a professional Polo player, and her Mother, a successful fashion entrepreneur. Her music has been influenced perhaps most strongly by her time in Argentina, with the sounds and rhythms of South America cropping up frequently in her work.

The video is a work of art as much as it is a music video, and once again shows the dexterity and versatility of this young artist. Moments of interstellar space travel are juxtaposed with sections of ethereal and otherworldly dance and movement to create a multi-faceted music video. Giulia remains the focal point of the video throughout, and her mesmeric eye contact straight down the camera lens is as beguiling as it is enthralling.

‘Trippin’ is the first instalment in a trilogy of genre-fluid music videos that are set to be released over the coming months. Comprised of ‘Trippin’, ‘Lolita’, and ‘Love to Hate You’, the tryptic traverses themes and settings to create a cohesive three-part musical and visual experience that is literally out of this world.

December 5, 2019 6:53am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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