Singer Sasha Siem Stuns With Double A Sided Single ‘Come As The Sun’ And ‘Eve Eyed’


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Award-winning artist Sasha Siem has started off her 2020 they way she hopes to go on, with the stunning release of her double a sided single, featuring two tracks titled ‘Come As The Sun’ and ‘Eve Eyed’.

Taken from upcoming album ‘Holy’ set for release during the Summer, the two tracks continue along a path of positivity for Sasha. Using her musical platform to promote healing and empowerment, the two tracks featured on this brand new double a side ring true to this very mantra.

The first, ‘Come As The Sun’ is euphoric in all its senses. From its gentle sounds to the songs soothing lyrics, Siem has carefully crafted a single of total bliss. The track reaches ultimate levels of paradise, when Siems velvet vocals and the singles sumptuous melodies come to the fore, providing the perfect pinnacle to a song that has powers to soothe any listeners senses.

The second, ‘Eve Eyed’ is a track that invites women around the world to explore and examine the rigid gender boundaries that restrict and suppress them. The track encourages us to break outside of these damaging ideologies and forge a new world where femininity is heralded, respected, and revered. Starting simply with a dynamic cello introduction, the song quickly intensifies with the inclusion of Siem’s powerfully commanding vocals. There is a beguiling magnetism to her tone that you can’t help but get drawn into and her poetic lyricism perfectly encapsulates the empowering sentiments of the track.

Comprised of eleven songs, forthcoming full length ‘Holy’ tackles the collective experiences of humanity in a highly personal way. With a wide range of subject matter, the album is, at its core, about reflection and change. Siem explains that ‘We have to change the world by changing ourselves’, and the album is a homage to this statement. Starting with feelings of fear and anger, Siem subverts these experiences and changes them into periods of growth and self-reflection whilst inviting her listeners to do the same.

January 21, 2020 10:47am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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