Have you listened to ‘Fools’ yet?

The man single-handedly bringing East to West, and reviving the psychedelic rock genre all at once is Jonny Ong.


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With his latest release, ‘Fools’, Ong pays homage to the psychedelic tradition of rock and roll to which he owes so much of his inspiration, and continues to make his mark on the Western rock scene today at the same time.

‘Fools’ is a measured outpouring of emotion which sees Ong in position as an objective observer, watching the mistakes humans make and repeat in their search for happiness. According to Ong, we miss what’s right in front of us as we search constantly for something more.

The song itself makes use of Ong’s signature instrument, the Handpan, as well as some well-placed trumpet parts, and all comes together to support Ong’s lamentations in his powerful vocals.

The video encapsulates the notion of chasing after something which you can never reach, as Ong is seen following a woman through a forest, down empty city streets and through the corridors of an abandoned hotel. The feeling of futility and intrigue is felt throughout this intelligent music video, which proves Ong again to be a musician and performer to reckon with.

July 7, 2020 9:53am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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