Blues perfection from Georgia & The Vintage Youth, with the release of 'Overthinker'

Joyous in tone and woefully relatable in its lyricism, OVERTHINKER puts into words what runs through every twenty-something-year-old’s head - “surely this can’t be it?” Truly a song of our times, OVERTHINKER has a bluesy feel that is carried off to perfection by Georgia and her retro-pop band, The Vintage Youth.


“This girl is super cool - a nano-second ahead of the pulse” - BBC Radio Essex /// “PIXIE LOTT has backed a singer with ‘an incredible voice’ for stardom. Described as ‘refreshingly different’...” - Evening Standard


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Calling to mind the great pop traditions of 60s girl bands, as well as legends such as Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin and Marc Bolan, Georgia & The Vintage Youth are crafting clever, thoughtful and fun retro-pop tunes with universal themes to fit any era. OVERTHINKER is no different, taking the universal themes of the uncertainty and dissatisfaction found in your twenties, and turning it into a catchy party tune with an unmistakable youthful energy and a fresh sound.

In Georgia’s own words, “OVERTHINKER is about the journey you go through as a young twenty-year-old. You always hear people say, ‘make the most of these days because they’re the best you’re gonna get,’ and I’m thinking - this surely can’t be it? I wrote OVERTHINKER a couple of years ago when I was working in the pub wondering at what point life begins.”

The song has, of course, taken on a new meaning and poignancy in today’s climate, throughout the pandemic and lockdown. “There’s a line in the song that goes ‘The days turn into weeks, turn into month,’ that seems to resonate with this monotonous life that many people are living right now.”

It’s not just the lyrics gaining this fantastic band fans all over the place. Last year saw The Vintage Youth tour to thousands of fans on a 50-date support slot, including a finale performance at The Royal Albert Hall. Momentum has continued into 2020, despite the lockdown, in which Georgia has performed weekly live streams and grown her fanbase.

OVERTHINKER sees Georgia & The Vintage Youth take the next step in their journey, melding universal lyrical themes with timeless musical ideas, sounding completely unique yet with undeniably widespread appeal at the same time.

OVERTHINKER is released on the 24th September 2020.

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