Exclusive interview with Cassa Jackson as she gears up for a new track and a support slot with JLS

Cassa Jackson shows off her darker side with ‘WISH I DIDN’T CARE’ (music video in production), a track about envy and frustration. Building on from her success with the lovestruck ‘Learning How To Love’, Jackson continues her trend of writing honest and relatable anthems about the ways in which we traverse relationships as messy, imperfect humans.

In addition to this release, Cassa will also be going on tour with JLS for their hotly anticipated comeback, the Beat Again Tour.

WISH I DIDN’T CARE is out on the 2nd September and is followed by the CROSSROADS EP on the 7th. The Beat Again Tour kicks off on 20th October.


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Hi Cassa! Can you tell us a little bit about the inspirations behind your upcoming single, ‘Wish I Didn’t Care’?

Hey! ‘Wish I Didn’t Care’ is all about jealousy and frustration in a relationship. We all know jealousy isn’t a good thing to feel but when you do feel it it can become all encompassing and make you very unhappy. This song is about being frustrated that you feel or are made to feel that way and wishing it didn’t affect you. It’s a cathartic song that will hopefully help people overcome these unhealthy emotions. It’s a cathartic song that will hopefully help people overcome these unhealthy emotions.

You use a wide variety of vocal styles in your music these days - how did you improve on your technique?

I watch a lot of tutorials about vocal technique on YouTube which are great. It’s also just experience and confidence with it really. I think singing on TikTok every day has really improved not only my vocal stamina and technique but also my confidence to try new things.

How have you grown as a musician since the days of your first song, ‘Prisoner’? How does your upcoming EP, Crossroads, present those changes?

Gosh what a journey it’s been since ‘Prisoner’! I think mainly I’m just a lot more sure of myself as an artist now, I’ve really found my style and I know what I like and what I don’t. Growing as a musician has really been simultaneous with me growing as a person and as my songs are all autobiographical, I think the songs I’ve released since ‘Prisoner’ really document the things I’ve been going through along the way. Heartache seems to be a common theme even now though - aha! But I’m glad that my music has touched people and helped them navigate things they are going through.

You’re touring with the almighty JLS! How did that come about? How are you feeling about it?

I know! I am so excited I can’t wait for the tour! This last year has really changed my life, to be honest, because a couple of my songs blew up after I posted them on TikTok - and now have nearly three million streams collectively. JB from JLS had been following my career for a while and has always been a huge supporter of mine and when ‘Parallel Universe’ hit a million streams on Spotify he shared it to his Instagram story and was so lovely. We then got chatting about the tour and he showed me and my music to the guys who said they’d love to have me and the rest is history! I’ve got a lot to sort out before it starts in October but it’s the best thing to have to look forward to.

Where do you see yourself in a years’ time? (covid-permitting!)

I’m hoping to release an album next year and then go on my own tour around the UK (covid permitting of course). I also hope I’ll be playing some cool festivals next summer! Watch this space :)


August 23, 2021 7:27am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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