Ziggy Alberts releases new video for 'chemistry' from SFF_ALTS EP

“Ziggy Alberts has always imbued his art with a special aura – this ineffable warm glow resonating throughout his songs – yet never before has he shined as bright or sounded as bold as he does on his fifth studio album. The coastal folk singer/songwriter turns his visceral inward focus out on society and the world at large in searching for freedom, a record whose powerful messages of sustainability, peace, justice, and understanding are sure to resonate with all who listen.”– Atwood, UK


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Ziggy releases ‘chemistry’ Official Mini Video alongside his new 6-track alternative EP, ‘SFF_Alts’. Shot in the picturesque Canadian Rockies at Lake Lousie with a backdrop of mountains and snow, the new clip features Professional Ice-skater Carlotta Edwards. It’s a gorgeous combination of Alberts’ lyrics and vocals, with her elegant glides and choreography on the ice.

‘SFF_Alts’ is a reimagined sonic expression of the album, searching for freedom. In Alberts’ words, this EP “was the chance to bring my latest artistic impression of the album to light. I’ve grown so much in my studio experience over the last 18 months, so it was exciting to reimagine how these songs could be sonically presented 6-months post album release.”

The EP features some fan favourites from the full-length studio album, including ‘letting go’, ‘chocolate’ and ‘searching for freedom’. ‘SFF_Alts’ gives listeners yet another insight into the journey of the full-length record and more ways to fall in love with these songs.

In the first week of release, ‘searching for freedom’ landed #1 on the AIR Album Chart (Independent Labels) and #5 on the ARIA Top 20 Australian Albums chart. 'searching for freedom' has received praise from the likes of American Songwriter, Atwood Magazine and Rolling Stone France.

Ziggy has been recently awarded another nine new Aria Accreditations in April 2021.This brings his accredited repertoire total to six Gold Singles, one Gold Album, seven Platinum Singles, one Double Platinum single and one Platinum EP.

September 16, 2021 9:09am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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