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20 May 2022 (Australia) – Platinum ARIA-accredited and 2022 APRA award winner Ziggy Alberts collaborates with Canadian Singer-Songwriter and Juno award-winning artist Donovan Woods on his new single ‘THE SUN & THE SEA’ and accompanying music video. This track is powerful, yet beautifully melodic with a dreamy rhythm and deep harmonious vocals. 

What started as a genuine interest in each other’s music, turned into this collaborative release from two independent artists, both of whom co-founded their respective independent Record Labels. 

“We actually got talking because I put one of [Donovan’s] songs on a personal playlist of mine - and I proceeded to slide into his DM’S after he left a comment”, Alberts says. And since, “Everything about this collaboration has been so natural... From the first time I heard [Donovan] sing “we want to be famous”, I was blown away; it felt that this was how the song was meant to be all along." 

Woods explains, “When he sent me this song and the line “We’re still figuring out…” was right there in it, I felt like I understood the sentiment. It was a joy to work with him on it. I love the sparseness and directness of it. It makes me feel the way Ziggy’s songs make me feel, so I’m into it.” 

 ‘THE SUN AND THE SEA’ music video, directed by Hype Republic’s Josh Weir, is a cleverly crafted piece of cinematic work that translates the feeling of carrying the 'weight of the world's' struggles whilst yearning for a deeper understanding and connection to our natural surroundings and to ourselves. It is a captivating piece, reflecting one of the tracks' many sentiments.  

This track also celebrates the newly announced album from Alberts titled 'DANCING IN THE DARK' coming this November 2022.  Ziggy Alberts previous album, ‘searching for freedom’, landed #1 on the AIR Album Chart (Independent Labels) and #5 on the ARIA Top 20 Australian Albums chart in the first week of release. 'searching for freedom' has received praise from the likes of American Songwriter, Atwood Magazine and Rolling Stone France.

Ziggy was awarded another nine new Aria Accreditations in April 2021. This brings his accredited repertoire to six Gold Singles, one Gold Album, seven Platinum Singles, one Double Platinum single and one Platinum EP.


“Ziggy Alberts has always imbued his art with a special aura – this ineffable warm glow resonating throughout his songs – yet never before has he shined as bright or sounded as bold as he does on his fifth studio album. The coastal folk singer/songwriter turns his visceral inward focus out on society and the world at large in searching for freedom, a record whose powerful messages of sustainability, peace, justice, and understanding are sure to resonate with all who listen.”– Atwood, UK

“Alberts has proven time and again that his back-to-basics approach to production and songwriting has left him one of the most reliably authentic artists on the scene.” – Pop Wrapped, US

“For fans who’ve been following Ziggy's career from day dot, his increasing popularity wouldn't come as a shock. To everyone else, the Ziggy story is probably still something of a surprise. He's a self-made success, and it's a grassroots swell plenty of people are getting behind” – Triple J

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