Elliot Horne shares debut single ‘Where Would I Be’

Where Would I Be by Elliot Horne 12th of August 2022


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The Oxfordshire-based singer/songwriter Elliot Horne takes off on the start of a brand new musical endeavour as he announces the release of his debut single ‘Where Would I Be’, arriving on the 12th of August. The 22-year-old artist welcomes all to enjoy his Pop R&B-infused hit.

‘Where Would I Be’ opens up the starting chapter into the musical world of Elliot Horne, showing just a teaser of what this fresh young artist is capable of. With dark Pop R&B beats setting the dynamic of this single, ‘Where Would I Be’ shows off an emotional side to Elliot, something he feels needs to happen more often in young males. Elliot’s powerful layered vocal melodies become a captivating element to this single, with the capability of his range shining in full force, pulling you further in with every melismatic syllable.

Elliot’s debut was born during a time of difficulty. Being stuck inside throughout Covid was bad for everyone, but Elliot showed off incredible resilience and utilised a creative intuition to keep pursuing his dream. Recording dreamy vocal melodies in his bedroom, which were expertly done to a high-fi standard, as well as long late-night zoom calls with producers in LA, account for just a glimpse into the determination and passion the singer/songwriter has shown.

Taking inspiration from musical monoliths such as The Weeknd, Troye Sivan and Tate Mcrae, Elliot’s ingenious and personalised approach to his songwriting and musical execution certainly sets him apart from the likes of his contemporaries. As he works with producers that have found themselves in the dazzling spotlights of LA and London, Elliot’s notoriety is sure to grow even bigger with each new release.

Amassing 200K+ followers over all his social media platforms, Elliot has already created a huge following on TikTok where he teases new music with views reaching over 1.8 million, as well as modelling for brands such as ASOS, Paco Rabanne and Tommy Hilfiger who support up and coming Artists through their brand campaigns. With an exponentially growing fanbase, Elliot has already developed the perfect space for himself to unveil his new musical journey, big things can only be around the corner for this talented young artist.

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