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“If you are in search of a track as gloriously sun-soaked as the day we are currently experiencing, rising artist SHAB has just the thing for you.” - Wonderland “With a huge legion of fans, SHAB has continued to make a name for herself on the international music scene.” - METAL Magazine

11th of August 2023


Fifth Element PR

Almost 20 years after the cult classic ‘Lean Back’ first hit the airwaves and owned the clubs, the iconic track is reimagined with a rhythmic reboot that stands as the collaboration of 2023. Fat Joe and his partner in rhyme, the Persian American pop singer SHAB, bring the heat with ‘Voodoo’, containing the first official use of the renowned sample.

With newly-created lyrics that are highlighted by the irresistible money line of “I got the Prada, Balenciaga | House of Gucci, Lady Gaga,” ‘VooDoo’ is destined to become a TikTok mainstay for this summer of 2023. With newly-created melodies and lyrics highlighted by the irresistible money line of ‘I got the Prada, Balenciaga, House of Gucci, Lady Gaga,’ ‘VooDoo’ is destined to become a TikTok mainstay this summer.

In this interpolation of ‘Lean Back’, Fat Joe has collaborated with the rising talent that is SHAB, her longtime producers Damon Sharpe (renowned for his work with artists like Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Minogue) and Eric Sanicola with arrangement by Duke Richman.

With its hypnotic groove and haunting melody, ‘VooDoo’ casts a powerful spell on listeners.

A rising star across three continents, SHAB is a refugee from the fundamentalist Revolution in Iran who first came to America by herself at age 14, learning English while working three jobs. She has become a leading entertainment industry voice for women’s rights in Iran and in bold defiance of what she has labelled ‘the gangster regime’ in Teheran.

SHAB arrived in America as a teenager, traveling alone with a single suitcase and speaking only Farsi and German. Yet she not only graduated from university but also briefly attended law school before leaving to pursue writing and performing music full-time.

For SHAB, ‘VooDoo’ follows up on the June 2023 release of her superpower charged anthem ‘Indestructible’, remixes of which have rapidly gained currency on the European club scene.

SHAB first gained attention in the Western Hemisphere during late 2020 when her earliest releases earned her the label of a “breakout star of the global pandemic.” During the lockdown, SHAB scored an impressive four consecutive #2 hits on the Music Week British Commercial Pop Charts.

SHAB’s debut album, ‘INFINITE LOVE’, released during February 2021, received immediate critical acclaim, with critics describing her unique electronic dance sound as “an energizing Global Pop that is both effortless and memorable.”

SHAB most recently continued her winning streak with the 2022 release of ‘Serenity’ and followed this track in early 2023 with her sensual and richly textured track, ‘Sexual’ (which twice over successive months gained the #2 spot on the UK Music Week Commercial Pop Charts).

These remarkable achievements, combined with over 20 million YouTube views, 7 million Spotify streams and a rapidly growing global fanbase, attest to her talent and skill to consistently create chart-topping hits.

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