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Aspire2 Mental Health Media & Events were going to distribute 100,000 copies of their 64 page newspaper on the 18th December 2019 across the United Kingdom.

Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Morrison's and The Co-op were going to display these newspapers within their stores across the UK distributing 85,000 copies. 15,000 were going into Libraries, Universities, Colleges, Mental Health Trusts, National Charities, Secure Hospitals, HM Prisons etc, please see attached list.

Our sponsorship deal with a Major World Brand Company has fallen through leaving our entire team devastated and upset. Since August 2019 Aspire2 have provided an online monthly digital newspaper including a special edition for World Mental Health Day. We work extremely closely with 14 National Mental Health Charities who all receive a free page/s within our newspaper.

We urgently need to find £40,000 to distribute these newspapers by 12.00 on Friday 13th December. We need your support and publicity to help us raise the necessary funds.

During our broadcast on your radio station we would like to ask If your listeners are a Chairman or CEO and would like to save this Mental Health Newspaper Edition for this Christmas and New Year, which is due to be distributed across the UK Wednesday 18/12/2019.

The Duke of Cambridge, HRH Prince William

"His Royal Highness is most grateful to you for taking the trouble to write to him as you did. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are spearheading a campaign to end stigma around mental health. The Heads Together campaign is a partnership with experienced and inspiring charities that provide frontline mental health support to people who may need it, whilst raising awareness and tackling stigma. His Royal Highness is therefore immensely grateful to you for bringing the important work of Aspire2 Mental Health Media & Events, raising awareness for mental health and your free national mental health newspaper to his attention. The Duke of Cambridge has asked me to send you his best wishes for your endeavours".

Please contact the Operations Director, or call 07504 635123 urgently. We are offering fantastic advertising and promotional space that will reach over the distribution mark of 100,000 newspapers.

If you support Mental Health then Support Aspire2 Mental Health NOW, help our national charities, help others over the festive period.

Thank you for making mental health top of your agenda. This is urgent, your actions can literally save lives. Lets help reduce suicides in the UK over the festive period.

December 12, 2019 3:23am ET by Global Sound Group  

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