Roberto Bates Teams Up With VIOLA For 'Fire Walk With Me'


Global Sound Group

Roberto Bates and VIOLA enthral with their new electropop release 'Fire Walk With Me'. It is out now on all major streaming platforms, and it is already sending a shockwave across the industry.

Residing in Giessen, Germany, Roberto smashes it with a style that brings back the 80s feel- good. Although nostalgic, it still shines with new elements and Roberto finds influence from US film director, David Keith Lynch; his lyrics reflect this.

Singer, VIOLA captivates from the get-go, and she showcases a wholly unique performance that is challenging to resist. Musically, Roberto delves deep, and the track leaves an indent with its unforgettable adventure. The synth glows with colour, and the rhythm raises the bar with its irresistible cadence.

So, looking for the finest electropop? Look no further than, 'Fire Walk With Me'.

February 22, 2021 5:59am ET by Global Sound Group  

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