Freelevel Smash It With New Single 'Black'


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Swedish Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Anna Christoffersson takes a giant leap forward with Freelevel on their latest single, 'Black', which is now on all major streaming platforms!

'Black', which draws on contemporary events and the chaos of our times, hits home with prevalence, with memorable lyrics on show from M. Alexander! The release's character is indenting with a soundscape that will keep you fascinated! Freelevel prove their class here, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to reach the masses with their superb pop-rock sound. They cleverly combine many styles into one, and their ground-breaking approach grips the ears like a mitt.

Powerful from the instant, 'Black' has energy seeping from every facet of the production. It bridges the gap between perception and reality, reflecting on previous events while also embracing the future. Anna Christoffersson rises to the occasion admirably, unleashing one of the most captivating pop vocal performances to emerge from the scene in recent years. Her tones are energising, and they blend in well with the fearless drum rhythms, enticing synth hooks, and foot-stomping bass grooves.

So, ready for some pop-rock that arrives just that little bit different? Look no further than 'Black', which is out now!

November 29, 2021 7:14am ET by Global Sound Group  

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