Kingdumb Drops Two New Electronic Bangers


Global Sound Group

Kingdumb, the electronic fused hip hop producer from Swindon, sends yet another shockwave across the music realms with his new release, 'Basic' which also comes with b-side 'Eastern Peak'.

With previous releases amassing over 300,000 streams, Kingdumb is still as hungry as ever to satiate the thirst of all those who enjoy their music presented just a little bit differently, which he achieves here with 'Basic' and 'Eastern Peak', both of which stand out with their unique quality.

Kingdumb kicks off the summer party with a cadence that will have even your grandparents bopping along, fusing dynamic charm via smooth synth loops and mouth- watering beat drops. The excitement does not stop there either with Kingdumb's vocal delivery and repartee striking with prevalence.

Are you ready for Kingdumb to send your hips into a frenzy? Look no farther than 'Basic' and 'Eastern Peak'.

June 24, 2022 6:42am ET by Global Sound Group  

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