Talent Is Timeless Winner, Tanya Walker Releases New Single "Good Days, Bad Days"


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Singer-songwriter Tanya Walker, winner of the 2023 Talent Is Timeless Songwriter Competition charms with her new single, "Good Days, Bad Days". The single, recorded and mastered at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, is out now through JAM Records!

Tanya Walker emerged victorious in the Talent Is Timeless competition, a nationwide movement for songwriters aged 50 and over, founded by Saskia Griffiths-Moore. Also, this new release marks a significant milestone in Tanya's illustrious career, mirroring her unique songwriting quality and dedication to the art of singing.

"Good Days, Bad Days" is a highly compelling folk single that envelops the ears in charismatic tones. Tanya's soothing vocals, coupled with the graceful acoustic guitar and poignant piano tones, create a melodic pathway that transcends convention. Also, the bass notes harmoniously glue the elements together, providing an immersive auditory delight.

The single is a heartwarming exploration of life's ebbs and flows, capturing the essence of both good days and bad days, and everything in between. Moreover, Tanya Walker's ability to weave relatable narratives into her music makes "Good Days, Bad Days" a timeless addition to her body of work.

So, ready for "Good Days, Bad Days" by Tanya Walker? Look no further!

February 20, 2024 5:39am ET by Global Sound Group  

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