Sebastea releases 'Gemini'


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Sebastea's debut single 'Gemin' is an atmospheric story of death, love, war and revolt. Song told through the eyes of twin gods Castor and Pollux. Comprising of 3 different verses and an instrumental break, Gemini shies away from the traditional pop structure.

However by using repetition, motifs and recapitulation, still retains a sense of newfound familiarity that holds the listener's attention. In Gemini, Sebastea's lulling vocals also serve as pads and maps out the general structure of the first two verses that differ in time signatures but are similar in how layered the vocals are. The 2 verses build up to a cinematic instrumental climax which then resolves into a melancholic and powerful ending that references the intro of the song.

Gemini is inspired by dreams, magic, mythology, and everything otherworldly.

Source Goryl Records

May 4, 2021 2:41pm ET by Goryl Records  

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