Voxur feat. Cindy Larson release 'Gold Medal'


Goryl Records

'Gold Medal' is an inspiring song that anticipates the Olympics. This song was inspired by the singer's autistic daughter who was in karate and always tried to medal in the team tournaments. After several years, she was the only female in her age group so she finally won her gold medal because she simply showed up and refused to give up. 'Gold Medal' theme is obviously exciting in view of the Olympics but also speaks more broadly to overcoming adversity and that incredible feeling when you reach high and finally accomplish your goal.

Songwriter and producer Voxur takes listeners on a journey of heartfelt lyrics, melodic bass lines and soulful house vibes. Born in Panama and raised in Spain and South America, Voxur’s love of travel and the obscure led to his current exploration of beauty, wonder and honesty in music.

Source Goryl Records

September 9, 2021 12:29pm ET by Goryl Records  


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