SUNNY DEXX Drops New Single Just In Time For Valentine’s Day



With Valentine’s Day mere days away, more than ever, people are looking for creative ways to reaffirm their love to their significant other while staying safe. SUNNY DEXX, an up and coming Rap/Hip-Hop Artist from New York is no exception! In a phone call interview, he admitted to us that he is not always the best at expressing his feelings and emotions to his better half. And what better way for an artist to express themselves than writing a song to express exactly what they couldn’t put into words? Yeah, I’ll wait...

Popularly known on social media as SUNNY DEXX, the unsigned New York Rap/Hip-Hop Artist has been releasing music since early 2019. Notably, his very first release (“LONESOME”, May 2019) won 3rd place in a Rap/Hip-Hop competition on well-known Independent website, DAW and Blog “Bandlab”. With his new gained confidence and recognition for his abilities, he then went on to win 1st place two more times on the site and went on to release his first 6 Track EP titled “DEXX’s World Vol. 1” (September 2019), which gained over 250k streams on Spotify, thousands more on Apple Music and other Major Music Streaming Platforms and countless downloads on Soundcloud.

In his recently released single “Quite Like You”, SUNNY DEXX pours out his heart and curves to the side any doubts in his relationship, while praising his better half and reminding her of what her love means to him. It’s not very often that we get to see this side of the talented artist on the rise, but there is something very warm about the relatable approach of the song.

Whether you’re in a relationship or in between, “Quite Like You” by SUNNY DEXX is certainly a Must Listen for the Valentine’s Season and beyond. Better Yet, we invite you to share it with anyone close to your heart whether family or friend. When asked what he ultimately wanted to tell his better half on this song, DEXX simply replied “Everything is in the title, there is nobody quite like her”.

To any Spotify Playlist Curators out there looking to upgrade their playlists with some fresh finds or introducing new material to their fan base, “Quite Like You” by SUNNY DEXX is a perfect candidate. I’ve personally played this song on repeat for the last 3 days and each time, it just keeps getting better!

Other Notable releases in SUNNY DEXX’s arsenal include “Morph, 20 Bands, Black & White, Kilos, and Never Fall.

The artist reportedly plans at least 10 more releases geared for 2021 and a music video for “Morph”, the lead title of his late EP DEXX’s Wolrd Vol. 1. He is also waiting to resume live shows in New York City and around the 5 Burroughs as soon as Covid-19 guidelines allow.

“Quite Like You” is available here on all major streaming platforms: Listen Here


SUNNY DEXX is an up and coming Rap/Hip-Hop Artist from Brooklyn, N.Y. who started gaining traction after releasing his first Ep Album titled "DEXX's WORLD Vol.1" (2019). As an emerging independent musician, SUNNY DEXX’s debut EP is decidedly mature — both sonically and lyrically — as he uses imagery to elaborate on the raw and gritty nature of inner city life, as well as more personal narratives about life, love, community and missed expectations. His music style incorporates various elements from his diverse background and the end result is a mirror-reflection of his authenticity and unique flow. Follow on social @iamsunnydexx 🔥New music dropping soon! Go Stream SUNNY DEXX's debut EP "DEXX's WORLD Vol. 1, Available on all Major Streaming Platforms!


February 14, 2021 6:40pm ET by SUNNY DEXX  

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