Emerging Electronic Indie Creative Mutant Forest are back with their engaging new single ‘FALLING’



Mutant Forest is the creative vehicle for Brooklyn based artists Blue and Andrew Maeve. Together they draw from a wide palette of creative interests and impulses which are cleverly incorporated into their new release ‘FALLING’.

‘FALLING’ simulates the growth and decay of relationships, and the fictive motion of falling that carries us through. The production exists in its own physical space while the single thrives in its emotional intensity. ‘FALLING’ comes with a vibrantly thrilling music video which was created by Mutant Forests themselves and shares an insight into the purely innovative aesthetic that they can conjure.

“In this video we chose flowers as a symbol to portray the motions of life and death as a visual throughline. We thought it could be fun to take flowers in their peak bloom state and subject them to degenerative forces, like heat, freezing and melting, even dipping them in acid. Water was another big theme for us in this shoot,” explains Andrew of Mutant Forest. “We used it in its various frozen, fluid, and fog states to create depictions of transformation. Creating this song and shooting the video has gotten us to ponder the cycles we go through. We’ve started to feel more at ease with the inevitable embrace of decay and allow each death to blossom into something new.”

Mutant Forest are turning heads left, right and centre with their clinically clear statement, emotional intensity and a thriving dark aesthetic. ‘FALLING’ puts the creative into a space that they’re cleverly devouring, with no intentions of slowing down while proving why they are one of the most exciting prospects to recently emerge.

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July 18, 2021 9:54am ET by Jbellbookings  


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