Comastatic Release New Single ‘Toxic Energy’



Zurich Switzerland based Alternative Rock duo, Comastatic have unveiled a new single titled ‘Toxic Energy’. The pair took a leap of faith, travelling over 6000 miles to Los Angeles to work with notable producers Stevie Knight (Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly), Jon Lundin (Fever333, Point North,) and Matt Malpass (Blink-182) before unleashing the project in May, 2023 and now set out to empower those who are too afraid to raise their voice on their own.

Singer Mattia Di Paolo shares - “Even though the relationship was harmful and addictive, the other person was like a drug to me… so much that even though the relationship was damaging, I was not able to break away from it.” He continues to mention - “The key message of ‘Toxic Energy’ is to never let anyone control how and what you feel! Be aware of toxic people and behaviours that might be toxic, but also know that nobody’s perfect.”

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