Today, pop singer-songwriter and colorful creative director Taylor Noelle releases her debut EP “Be Around.” Equal parts euphoric and introspective, the “Be Around” EP is a bold introduction & succinct insight into who Taylor Noelle is as an artist & songwriter. The LA-born, Nashville raised singer-songwriter has a knack for weaving honest storytelling with glittery & infectious sonics, bridging together her eclectic influences & inspirations, from Maggie Rogers and HAIM to Tame Impala and SZA.

The 6-track EP is the culmination of over three years of releases brought together to tell a story — from coping with anxiety and despair to learning to embrace & lean into patience and love. Featuring production by Ghosthood (FAYV, Lukr, Liz Huett), Bobby Knepper (Dreamer Boy, Houston Kendrick), and Reed Berin (GAYLE, James Droll), the project melts together forward-thinking pop sensibilities with vintage 70s-inspired sparkle.

The title track, written with Taylor’s good friend and collaborator Bobby Knepper (Dreamer Boy, Houston Kendrick), was inspired by someone close to Taylor Noelle coping with a difficult time with their mental health. Written from the perspective of someone wanting to ease their pain, Taylor hopes the song lets people know they are not alone in their struggles.

“It’s a song about showing up for someone and loving them when everything seems dark to them. Even if I can’t fix your problems for you, I can just be with you and be there for you. The difficult times that I have been through give me the experience to know how to show up going through something similar.”

Speaking on the video, she states “It seemed only natural as I approached making a video for the song to use my childhood home videos. Directing and editing this video was very special to me. It offered me the opportunity to reacquaint myself with my childlike, goofy, creative, confident, loud, unique self. It let me witness the love of my parents and family as I grew under their care.I hope that this song can help anyone that feels small and dark and alone. The sun will always rise again. Offer yourself love and patience and kindness in the meantime.”

The song and the EP as a whole both have taken on a new meaning after 2020. “As I lived with the song for more than a year before putting it out, it started to take on a new meaning for me. With the isolation of quarantine, I found myself falling into cycles of sadness and anxiety. While I had amazing people around me who continued to love and support me, I found myself realizing that I had to learn to show up for myself and offer the same love and patience to myself that felt more natural to offer to others. I learned to recognize and love my inner child.”

In regards to the “Be Around” EP, Taylor states “This collection of songs tells the story of a particular chapter of my life beginning with fear, anxiety, and desperation and closing with clarity, patience, and love. Writing and recording these songs offered me the opportunity to process pain, celebrate love, and grow deeper into myself. It feels right to wrap up these songs into a project because of how deeply tied they all feel to each other to me, to allow them to tell the full story.”


About Taylor Noelle

Taylor Noelle is equal parts glittering pop star, introspective songwriter, and colorful creative director. Her songs -- a collection of blurry, beautiful moments recalling love and frustration -- showcase her dedication to deep musicality and honest storytelling. Her Los Angeles-to-Nashville upbringing is evident in the variety of sonic and lyrical influences that emerge in her sound. Her songs melt together modern and retro sounds with confessional, emotional lyricism. Her influences range from Maggie Rogers and HAIM to Tame Impala and SZA.

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