Joe Rhinewine Turns His Anger Into Art

“Drumphadelic Nightmare” Now Available For Streaming

Renowned experimental music pioneer, Joe Rhinewine, has been moved to express all his anger, fears and contempt for “the stupidest choice I have seen my country make” -- that is, the election of the current US President -- in the form of a wonderfully catchy, addictive and frankly amusing song.

Musically unique, “Drumphadelic Nightmare” is the creation of musical maverick Joe Rhinewine. With the same freedom of expression of artists such as Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, Frank Zappa and Laurie Anderson, Rhinewine is carving out an experimental niche for himself.

Following up last year’s five track CD, “Songs from NowHere”, “Drumphadelic Nightmare” leaves little to the imagination of what Rhinewine thinks of his President.  Here is what Joe himself has to say about the creation of his latest masterpiece.

“This track is the culmination of well over a year of watching candidate Trump become President Drumpf. Now, there's nothing new about racism, bigotry and authoritarianism in my country. Both political parties, and most recently the Republican party in particular, haven't been shining examples of, say, NOT-racist, NOT-bigoted, or NOT-authoritarian behaviour. However never in my life have I seen a candidate so universally hateful of every possible disadvantaged or traditionally scorned group than Drumpf. I have never seen a candidate for the President of the United States behave more abominably in nearly as many ways. No one thing that Drumpf did during his candidacy really "takes the cake." It's the sheer quantity of absolutely hateful statements, physical threats, neo-Nazi dog-whistles, and repugnantly egotistical things that Drumpf generated during his candidacy that really sets him apart as THE STUPIDEST CHOICE I HAVE EVER SEEN MY COUNTRY MAKE in my lifetime, hands down. This is not about politics. This is about distinguishing between a viable Human being and a selfish, conniving, greedy sack of ox-sh*t that walks, and, most unfortunately, talks too. Officially, Mr. Drumpf: You can't do anything but bully people. Your life is a meaningless mess of aggression, greed and pyrrhic victories that matter only to you. If there were a Hell, it would wait for you, not us. I ardently hope that you are one tenth as miserable as the sum of misery you have caused so far in this lifetime, because that would be more than enough punishment for being such a f***ing d***head.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I can also tell you that Drumphadelic Nightmare is a love song to my childhood years spent in Washington Heights and East Harlem, surrounded by the music of George Clinton / Parliament Funkadelic, The Sugar Hill Gang, Stevie Wonder, and others who were popular there around that time. Being White, I pretended not to like the music that the majority of my fellow-students listened to. Secretly, I liked it, but it took until over a decade later to notice that fact. Now fully 35 years after I left East Harlem behind me, I have come to adore the music of that time and place, particularly that of George Clinton and Stevie Wonder. I wanted to make something loving out of my hatred of a hateful man. Somehow, my early years, from ages 7 to 12, at Central Park East Elementary School in East Harlem, gave me the musical gifts, like magic wands, that allowed me to transform mountains of rage into a song that is, underneath the sarcasm and the attack, a tribute to these African-American artists who shaped me musically--in short from a work of hate into a work of love.”

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