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Iggy Azalea on how fame hasn't changed her: 'You have a crappy day at work? I have a crappy day at work'

'Fancy' hitmaker Iggy Azalea has confessed that being a celebrity doesn't influence the way she experiences life at all because she is still human and has the same feelings that her friends do. 

During an interview with the Michigan Chronicle newspaper, the 'Bounce' beauty explained that just because she's famous it doesn't mean that she gets a free pass as she still has to put up with the same kind of ordinary things that everyone else encounters on a daily basis:

"I mean, I think it doesn't really matter what your job is. Everybody has the same sh*t in their lives. You have a crappy day at work? I have a crappy day at work."

Azalea went on to add that she gets excited by the same things normal people do and suffers heartbreak in the exact same way, the only thing that's different is that people are starting to recognise her and know her music:

"You're excited about something in your life, a birthday or your friend having a baby? I'm excited too. You broke up with your boyfriend? You're sad? Same with me. Everybody 'I think' has the same cost. Fears of failure or happiness, of success or family problems, or going out and wanting to party or feeling good that you've reached a goal."

Watch her latest music video, which is for new single 'Fancy', below:


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