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Sam Smith: 'My father got into personal training to help me get fit'

British singer-songwriter Sam Smith has revealed that his father, Fred, has been really motivated in helping him get into shape over the years and coaching him on healthy eating and fitness. 

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the 'Lay Me Down' sensation admitted that his dad (pictured above with the star) took an active stance in working with him to help improve his health, and he's grateful for having such devoted and caring parents:

"I was a really fat kid and he got into personal training to help me. He (his dad) has always loved fitness and said, 'I think you should be fit when you're 12'. So he made me run."

Smith added that his dad gave him advice on how best to eat and exercise, and has been nothing but supportive and encouraging: "He told me not to do weights just do cardiovascular. Chocolate, fizzy drinks... all went out the house. My sisters hated me for a while for that but Dad got me well on track."

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