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Simon Cowell wants to produce future leaders' debates

Simon Cowell has offered to help make future leaders' debates.

A series of political debates took place across UK TV networks before the country's general election in early May.

They featured leaders of the UK's main political parties, from the Conservative Party's David Cameron to the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Cowell said that he would be interested in producing future debates.

And it seems he would be looking to add some theatrical twists.

The X Factor man said: "I'd do it in a heartbeat! 100% I'd have walk-ons, music, fire...and a trap door if people didn't like what they said.

"And I'd definitely have a clap-o-meter. I am deadly serious. I really would love a chance to do that!"

Cowell said in the same interview that he sometimes isn't 100% honest when judging child acts on Britain's Got Talent:

"Sometimes you have to tell what's called 'a kind lie'.

"With a kid dance act, for example, that's not very good...I obviously can't say what I really think! Especially if they're a bit fragile."

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Watch some of the 2015 leaders' debates below: