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Florence Welch says taking time off healed her

Songstress Florence Welch, of Florence + The Machine fame, has confessed that her personal style returned to her after taking a well-deserved break from the spotlight

Speaking to the UK edition of Vogue, the beauty explained that she came back from enjoying some time off feeling revitalised and more herself than ever:

"I had a little bit of a break from touring and going to events, and now that I have come back I have a much stronger sense of my personal style. When I first started this record, it was really important to have a break from (second album) Ceremonials, which was all stripped back in strict suits."

"Almost as I healed - because I was still quite heartbroken when I toured with this record and the themes of it were still very present in my life - my maximalist came back! To meet Alessandro at this time, where I feel like things have come full circle, is really nice. I feel like I've returned to the world of fashion with a much clearer sense of identity."

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