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Ke$ha: "I was born in a party"

'Tik Tok' songstress Ke$ha has quipped she was "born in a party".

The 25-year-old singer's music famously revolves around the themes of revelry and drinking, and she is well known for her outlandish behaviour and eccentric fashion sense.

Ke$ha insists she is always up for having fun, revealing: "I was born in a party, so yeah it runs in my blood. House parties are my favourite. I have house parties in my house at Nashville, it’s the best. You can do whatever you want, go crazy go ballistic and have a crazy time.

She added: "That’s me. I am fearless and careless. I don’t pretend. I do what I like doing. I don’t like to worry about my future. I live in the present. To me worrying about future is like wasting your life, it’s all now. one needs to live now to the fullest. I believe that how we live today, defines tomorrow."

Ke$ha insists that although she has a party-hard attitude, she always works around the clock to make sure her music and videos are the best they can be.

She continued in an interview with "When it comes to work I am into it. I don’t cheat with my music and with my fans. I work my butt off. Everything goes into everything, there is no time sense, you just got to do when you got to do it."





Watch the video for Ke$ha's 'C'Mon' here: