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Magazine Gap

London-based alternative pop band MAGAZINE GAP release their highly anticipated second album, “What’s That About?”, on Friday, 5 June 2020. The album represents a journey of discovery, experimentation and evolution for the band following their acclaimed debut album, “Light & Shade”.

Over the last six years, the band wrote and recorded just three songs at a time before taking another direction, in order to keep their sound fresh, exciting and different. The last thing they wanted to do was repeat themselves by recording songs similar either to each other or to the “Light & Shade” album, so each time the three musicians challenged themselves with different ways of writing, arranging, performing and recording, and pushing each other to go outside their comfort zones and in doing so to create a rich combination, unpredictable yet all the more rewarding.

This 12-song album therefore is essentially a collection of songs that have been steadily unveiled over recent years. The last songs to be written and recorded are the first three on the album and are new for 2020. Each song was carefully crafted, tweaked, pulled apart and put back together (with lyrics that often took even longer) – the band don’t believe in ‘throwaway tracks’ just to complete a project, and are only releasing a full album now that the package is finally complete.

The band are particularly excited for people to finally hear the entire collection put together for the first time to hopefully showcase a rich, fluid, surprising and exciting body of work. From the contemporary pop flavourings of “Possibilities” and “Superficial” to the lyrically dense, folk-rock of “Jericho”, through the hip-hop leanings of alternative pop song “For The Ride” to the more mainstream pop of “Kings, Queens & Jokers” to the more funky “Snakes & Ladders” and its opposite number “Dancing In Quicksand”, through the acoustic-pop with a reggae bounce of “Ran For Cover” and the indie-soul of “What’s That About?” and “Calling Card”, to the party track of “Body Language” and to the ballad of “In Two Minds”. The album’s title is deliberately chosen to spark and, hopefully, satisfy curiosity, and the opening track sets out the stall of the unexpected to follow.

There are high quality music videos for every song from the album on YouTube.

The album was recorded in and around London, mixed at Redbooth Recording Studios in Rochester, New York and mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Studios in London.

All songs were produced and arranged by Brian McCook. All lyrics by James Keen. All songs were written by Magazine Gap, except “Ran For Cover”, “Dancing In Quicksand” and “Jericho” written by James Keen.


Magazine Gap are an independent, alternative-pop band from London is made up of James Keen (vocals & guitars), Alex Ho (piano & keyboards) and Brian McCook (drums & production). Coming from very different points on the musical compass, the trio has created a sound entirely of their own. The band have performed across the UK and Europe, the United States and the Far East, whilst building up a notable online fanbase from around the world. Acclaimed for their songwriting craftsmanship, quality production, exceptional musicianship and vocals, plus superb live performances, the band continue to evolve their sound and go from strength-to-strength. The band take their name from Magazine Gap Road which runs from the mid-Levels to the Peak in Hong Kong, where two of them grew up.

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June 1, 2020 5:20am ET by Magazine Gap  

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