Hard-Rockers Sig & The Firepilots Bring Groove-Fuelled Power Riffs In Debut single ‘Clickbait’


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Staffordshire-based Rock outfit Sig & The Firepilots are due to release their debut single ‘Clickbait’ on Wednesday 1st March 2023, a special day for the band as they celebrate the 21st birthday of frontman Sig’s daughter. This single follows the bands’ successful live show appearances in their native Cannock such as Adefest and The Station and now they’re ready to bring their signature blend of groovy, hard-hitting guitar riffs to the masses with ‘Clickbait’. The song is a hard-rock song reminiscent of 80s rock and roll with strong power riffs and an infectious groove accompanied by gritty, powerful vocals. The song was recorded at Mad Hat Studio, produced by Sheena Sear and engineered by Mark Stuart. The track tackles the concept of clickbaiting, how many do anything, even go as far to mislead in order to boost numbers and get attention drawn to them, Sig and The Firepilots explore this idea and vent their angst towards it in a roaring rocker fashion, providing social commentary while ironically being part of the problem. The accompanying music video furthers this idea, with flashing images of various different clips sporadically getting in the way of the band rocking out as they perform the song to exemplify the irritation of clickbaiting.

The 3-piece rock band consists of Sig (Guitar/Vocals), Dave Clarke (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Dougie McGrath (Drums/Vocals). Despite starting Sig and The Firepilots in 2019, the trio have individually been performing in various projects over the years, with frontman Sig forming multiple bands such as Leisure Drive, The Rub and Silica Go Go honing his skills through consistent live shows. The Firepilots members Bass player Dave’s infectious grooves in ‘Clickbait’ are lent from his experience playing in Funk Metal fusion bands as well as being a member of Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute Act ‘Really Hot Chili Peppers’ and Dougie’s background playing in punk bands and a Green Day Tribute band ‘Green Bay’ brings an intense energy to the rhythm of the band which is a key aspect of the hard-hitting grooves Sig and The Firepilots pride themselves on. Another value of the band is their mantra “Don’t bore us, give us the chorus.” believing in the weight of first impressions and their ever-lasting effects. Musically, ‘Clickbait’ adheres to the mantra with a powerful, groove-fueled hook seconds into the track.

Inspired by a wide range of bands such as Thin Lizzy, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Soundgarden, Sig and The Firepilots are ready to become your favourite rockers in 2023 with their incredible infectious melodies and thunderous riffs. With plenty of upcoming projects and shows on the horizon, this is a band that will be unleashing their full potential to the rock scene. Follow them on their socials to keep up with the latest news of this fantastic new band.

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