The Mesmerising Album ‘Autumn Flowers’ by Izzy’s Daughter is out soon.

Izzy's Daughter is an acoustic singer songwriter with a nostalgic desire for love and loss.Influenced by Celtic and other worldly sources, this haunting 'folk noir' sound will seep under your skin and take you on an emotional journey. An honest and organic expression of a soul haunted by the fragility of life and the beauty of love. Currently based in London; Izzy's Daughter is currently performing with cellist Nora Kalcheva.

The debut album 'Autumn Flowers'  is set for release on 9 September 2013, a beautiful concoction of her early and most current material, ranging from the epic 'Autumn Flowers' to the stripped down and equally seductive beauty that is 'Tinkerbell'. From moody cello's to ghostly harmonies, listeners are in for a real treat.

The album will be available to buy in physical format on the 9 September 2013 as well as download on Itunes, bandcamp and all popular digital stores.

Singing since she could remember, Izzy's Daughter picked up a guitar during University and took the open mic scene for the first time in London, later moving to Suffolk forming a band called 'Howling for Heaven'. On leaving the band to return to her solo roots, Izzy's Daughter returned to London to record “Autumn Flowers,” her debut album.

Celtic elements and wonderfully soaring vocals”,Author of Symphony in Blue: Kate Bush and Her Legacy

 'Highlight of the week' - BBC Suffolk Introducing

 'Let's hope the album get's the recognition if deserves' - Graeme Mac, BBC Introducing

 Influences - Celtic/ Worldly music/ Clannad / Stevie Nicks/ Kate Bush/ Enya/ Tori Amos/


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